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 [08-05-03] Ella Wu Zun fans were reminders marriage

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PostSubject: [08-05-03] Ella Wu Zun fans were reminders marriage   [08-05-03] Ella Wu Zun fans were reminders marriage Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 3:29 pm

Actress male idol drama "Xijiaqingzhen" have always been fans would like to see, a classic screen lovers and the Qin and Han Lin Ching-hsia, the S and Zizi and foreign Kim Jeong-eun and Lee Shui town, although each of the couples may not be able to screen Xiu Zhengguo, Baekdu to old age. But to see the men play the female lead Xiwai sweet sweet honey, so fans are still very excited. Recently, Taiwan's two pairs of cooperation idol drama actor, was very optimistic about a new screen couple.

Because cooperation "In the Teen" (Taiwan's version of the Japanese version) reported sex scandal with the Ella Wu Zun, the day before yesterday again joined hands speak of goods, it has fans at the scene, "forced marriages."

As the day speak of the beverage products, the organizers arranged Ella and Wu Zun in the table with a drink, the audience was unexpectedly fans stirred up trouble in the "drink Jiaobei Jiu." Ella shy of that idea as "too ridiculous" and said fans to see "In the Teen" too deep into the drama, I hope she has contacts with Wu Zun, the same day is also available to fans at the bouquet, gave the card reads " Zun Cheng and his wife "(Ella whose real name is Chen Jiahua), also of the kiss as the two, Wu Zun see a smile:" background or text Laiye! "Ella carefully than to say:" This clearly is Hebe birthday, I am pro - Her photo! "The two dumbfounding. But they recognized in so many actors in each other's tacit cooperation is the best.

Wu said Assistant to the same respect and double back into the lead off rumors, Ella stand up for the Miss respect refuted: "too outrageous, ridiculous!" She said as long as the understanding of Wu Zun, all know that he likes girls, but she Huafeng 1 Miss respect to the said: "Please when you undress to remember pull curtains, or the media always you two out such a large chest." Wu Zun immediately return said: "I usually play on the pitch from T-shirt, no Tse ah, what are the relations? "Ella a laugh:" Now the Miss Huizui respect the will. "

Wu Zun and there was Ella fans, "forced marriages", was co-operation "to switch love" Yang Cheng-lin and Wang Chuan-one was found on the feelings of the warming.

The latest weekly report, Yang Cheng-lin before shooting idol drama "bad laugh spent" accidental falls, then the pain and tears, she only to call only one complained Wang Chuan, and the injured the day before, Wang Chuan-an Interview with the crew , Sent close to Ye Xiao Yang Cheng-lin, after the discovery of Gouzitoupai hurry to leave. The report also refers, Yang Cheng-lin Wang Chuan-the current one as "observation targets", who have emotional trauma, she is no longer the impulse to talk about love, hope that love can first start with friends, good business for some feelings. Yang Cheng-lin and that allow people with emotional trauma, in its recently launched the new book "FunFun Mahou Bao", has disclosed. Yang Cheng-lin wrote in which an evil man with contacts, they also have left her crying on the ride left the man in the duo split, suddenly called her, but after seeing the direction of media men They have a phone conversation revealed the news, feeling of being used. The outside world may think this is because the shooting "original flavor of the summer," the QIU Ze-health conditions.

Had earlier asked the most like and which artist, Yang Cheng-lin Wang Chuan-generous recognition and a good relationship: "I love and Wang Chuan-a cooperation. And I think he is very much a come between us only a joke We Nengdong, but will not stop smiling. I said what he will not be angry, even though he scolded me, I will not angry, I will feel happy, in private, he and I have the tacit understanding.

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[08-05-03] Ella Wu Zun fans were reminders marriage
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