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 Calvin Chen Bio

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PostSubject: Calvin Chen Bio   Calvin Chen Bio Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 3:52 pm

Name: Calvin Chen
Whose real name is:: Yi-ru
English name: Calvin (basically so called friends)
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Birthday: 1980/11/10
Constellation: Scorpio
Education: Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Jianzhong University majoring in economic Victoria University of Victoria master's degree majoring in economy
Blood type: A -
Of shoes: US 10.5,
Sanwei: 37, 31, 36
Family members: parents of a sister
Favorite color: blue and white
Interests: Tennis singing Fitness
Personality: witty humor
Expertise: reaction soon Hei hei
How singing: Huanbu Lai claimed in the storm also say that Lu Yinshi
Myopia: TV hour is so two children are 550
Hair: Weijuan before Super does not love, super-straight hair the envy of the people, but later found curling actually do good shape not rely on
Pet phrase: Meisha special pet phrase ㄟ
English ability: the capacity of the Institute Lou abroad
Paiguo the MV: When the shooting session, creative song selection and champion "irresistible" music video
Paiguo ads: a pile of Vancouver, Canada, the sunshine boys public welfare activities about five ads about it
The girls enjoy the type: character -
Calvin into the family of the performing arts circle of view: read a lot. I went to the performing arts circle, is Qisi, so I need you to pay only a Chuhaochengji to prove to their parents can see!
Usually like to: get together with friends can do because I attach great importance to friendship
Favorite movie types: good looks no matter what the art of love is the action comedy thriller I love
Favorite movie: a lot, but I like Nicole Lasikaiji any of his movies he's acting is really taking the
Favorite singer: not that type of music is it Hip Pop and R & B
Favorite actor: Tony Leung Wu Zhenyu
Like the Japanese artists: Kimura Shuai
Like the comic: the boys love such as Dragon Ball Guanlangaoshou Shenhangtaibao
Look like the type of novel:
Most want to go to the countries: Canada, like my first two homes, after all, I spent seven years I would like to tour the world like a different culture
Like the type of music: Hip Pop and R & B
Like what animals: dogs love before Canada raised than two bears do not know that you just do not know if this species is similar to the Maldives in Sri Lanka but higher than the Andean point Martirosyan
Favorite food: Japanese Food and Western food .. Junk food ..
Likes to read books or on the bookstore: In the past, in foreign countries that cup of coffee in the bookstore reading is the kind of enjoy the feeling of love Manglitouxian Hey
Like shopping: Basically, I love shopping can be super-Kazakh girls like shopping with me the feel that I can not stand the boys are super will stroll
What things fear: fear of things better but do not like sad things such as the Lovelorn or friends quarrel with this kind of
The normal dress style: the polarization of leisure sometimes Aichuan sometimes very formal Shuashuai
Most impressive thing: seven years ago of a person living alone, Canada has been one of the seven years
Which received one of the most hard-CASE: okay, but the summer movie is really hot heat
And hope to all the Fans common to do: more and more aware you will meet I will make efforts to remember your name as long as you see me I am not see your name on to remind me of the time until I remember that Kazakhstan is basically Oh my good memory
When the artist before engaging in what work: in the study Nian-Canada Institute as a university teaching assistants in schools
First love and first kiss his teens: a 16-year-old high
Love talked several times: Oh good private啦but not more than five times the following can really the point Kazakhstan
Hate what kind of person: the people on both sides
Hate what insects or animals:
Qiu most of the things:
The most painful thing:
The ultimate one
The ultimate one
Princess young girl
Dream: performing arts circle break a good performance this is my biggest wish at present it
calvin famous saying: Shakespear says: To be or not to be, that's a question .. ha ha
A master's degree in Vancouver
Canada "Sunshine Boyz 2004" selection as a champion of the warm current ambassador to Canada and the shooting when the creative song selection difficult to resist the Champions * * music video was more a result of the brokerage companies in Taiwan (m) signed (details)

>> Debut story:

Joinet also a student of the very love to sing, especially with friends like to KTV, is absolutely well-deserved Mr gangsters, gradually realized that the singing on the charm.

Confucianism was also the hearts of budding star dream start, in order to进入演艺圈Joinet also can be said to be doing everything possible to try.

2000, the original study abroad in Canada, the summer vacation Joinet also secretly went back to Taiwan to participate in the then 'cruel' stage of the interview, the Chang Hui-mei sang the original 'What are you not'. After the adoption,
Originally were scheduled to be on the 'I guess I guess I guess guess' video, but the time he returned to Canada with the phase-time, but had to give up under. Confucianism was also the first time and lost the opportunity to become famous.

2004, rice production and the joint selection of Vancouver radio SUNSHINE BOYZ 'activities', in that championship Joinet also have the opportunity to return to Taiwan after the shooting idol drama, then took a decision to participate in competitions. And after a few months of training and selection, by virtue of Gaotiao shape of Junlang appearance, the sun finally do so victory smile. Joinet also immediately after the rice can be produced with the signing, Man Zhao and his family, secretly Couqian the champion prizes Hong Kong - Vancouver return ticket to Taiwan, Jiezhu to a friend's house, waiting for the movie opportunities. Later the matter with his father because of a six-month stalemate, in order to achieve their dreams, and Confucianism has played a cram school when an English language teacher, in the hope that the film can wait for economic independence.

Get through half a year waiting for the time, and finally to the shooting, such as "the ultimate one," King Arthur 3.10 opportunities in the entertainment circle Jianlu Tau Kok, Chuloufengmang, at the same time with the crew and also the Lower East Side Wang, Arron Yan, Wu Zun Idol combination of the flywheel.

So ---- Calvin Chen finally debut!
Blog http://www.wretch.cc/blog/ckchen777

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Calvin Chen Bio
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