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PostSubject: Aaron Yan Bio   Aaron Yan Bio Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 3:45 pm

Whose real name is: Wugeng-lin
Stage name: Arron Yan
Punic said: Abu
English name: Aaron / Arron
Birthday: 1986/11/20 (the official announcement was in 1985)
Constellation: Scorpio
Animal: the tiger
Blood type: O -
Height: 177 CM
Weight: 60 KG
Education: Culture University journalism department / King, University of Science and Technology
Language: Mandarin, English
Hobbies: basketball, dancing, singing, making friends, love Gaoguai
Personality: changeable but most of it is so good with less
Fans Name: pudding
Sanwei: Bust forgot 28 36
Physical condition: mild asthma before Lianwu caused serious foot injury, now resume a lot. But did not restore integrity.
Expertise: the piano singing flute basketball
Favorite groups: Xinle Tuan Wu Yuetian
Favorite actor: Andy Lau
Favorite actress: Linyi Chen Yang Cheng-lin
Favorite male singer: Harlem, Lin Jun Jie
Favorite female singer: LIN Fan, Liang Jingru
Most want to go to the States: both want to go ^ ^
Favorite type of music: soul rock pop R & B hard rock jaz
What favorite: a liking things
Favorite color: yellow blue green black
Enjoy the types of girls: personality is more important -
Let your most memorable impression of things: first love of the broken heart ...
Qiu most of the things: ㄟ ... how will Qiushi Le happened to me
Love talked several times:. He quite a number of
Dream: We now are going to be achieved in the future is my dream
Family members would like to say: every person you are also very close to our lovely with refueling admitted to the University of ... (not啦) you have to take good care of each body must every day Jianjiankangkang! Really! ! Wherever you go with your heart with the Department of
Send things to where you want to send: 110 Jiaxing Street, Taipei 311, at the third floor Arron Yan
Groups --
M can be produced, the International Institute
Drama --
2004 Anshi love Meihui (guest)
2005 prank played by Abu kiss (guest)
2005 ultimate showcase the small group of light rain
2007 final played a small, light rain moxibustion Dachang Lao dance (Leader)
2007 prank played by Abu 2 kiss
2007 Perak MIT (shot)
Songs --
[Flywheel of the first album the same name - September 15, 2006
1. "I have my Young" Shixiong TANK song (the Mainland Kangshifu 3 +2 Gaxinbinggan TV ad theme song)
2. "Xiaxue" Shixiong TANK another one works (Taiwan heme-ManSimple men's care products designated Chinese ad Qu)
3. "You have only to feel" JJ Lin Jun Jie Qu + Shijie HEBE Chorus (idol drama "Tokyo Juliet" episode)
4. "Stray one" (idol drama "ultimate class" episode)
5. "Find happiness to you."
6. "Love"
7. "Export"
8. "February 30, see"
9. "Please I regret that I left before I"
10. "Immortality of the fans"
[Ultimate soundtrack - one on December 27, 2005
11. "Ruzaikejiao"
[Oriental Juliet soundtrack - June 16, 2006
12. "Possession"
[In the Teen soundtrack - December 1, 2006
13. "Chao like you."
[SHE album Play - May 11, 2007
14. "Thank you for the gentle"
15. "Always open"
[An ultimate soundtrack - August 10, 2007
16. "Officially"
17. "Will not love"
18. "Willing to not love you" solo-lun
[Young girl Princess soundtrack]
19. "New Waterloo" the flywheel & SHE
[Disney film "Mickey festive Carnival" theme song in Chinese: November 19, 2007
20. "Little VIPs"
21. "Your presence"

Ad speak --
Ou Boshi lip balm
Guocai Zhi-honey
heme-Man Simpel men's care products
Kangshifu 3 +2 soda Qiaxinbinggan
7-Eleven convenience stores
C.C lemon soda
Taishan Xiancao honey
Taishan Bingzhen drinks
Watson's Water
Cardan Road casual clothes
Crush the oath Tanabata Valentine's Day series
Cartier-ballon bleu series watch
Hong Kong Disneyland publicity

Competition --
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi 2004 the second session of sunshine boys selection Taipei (Heat)

Abu in the "ultimate class" in the words of --
First one
1 here is the ultimate one.
2 ask, Where Music Studio »
3 Music Studio where.
4 Music Studio where.
Where, 5.
Dier Ji
6 What do you think in the end »
7 play me, Call a dozen.
8 because, I still have things.
9 So.
10 Oh.
11 it out.
12 do not.
13 were not allowed to take away.
14 were not allowed to take away.
15 does not, accurately, the people, with, and take.
16 were not allowed to take away.
17 were not allowed to take away.
18 were not allowed to take away.
19 were not allowed to take away.
20 Do not shoot my head.
21 Oh, you really Quanguo, not Zaipai my head.
22 order to satisfy ~ ~ ~
23 I hate violence.
I find 24 events ah.
25 How blind is the nickname » Southern is some silly people out.
26 also alright.
27 no.
I just happen to 28 after just, no, those people compare failure.
29 rest assured, my left hand not to fight their own brothers.
30 piano was forgotten.
31 That is not important, it is important that in the end what can eat »
32 you, what is the best at.
33 No, we have to face colorectal line.
34 Chenre we eat.
Di Sanji
35 or she would like to call for help, but were prevented.
36 noisy dead, who finally left.
37 If she resigned, she must have reasons
38 It seems that she is really not.
39 pairs ah, perhaps, only delayed her return.
40 Perhaps she really resigned, but do not want to tell us an explanation.
41 Dadong, you do not feel that the police can deal with it »
42 Do not say so much to save people.
I was 43.
44 OK, that knife was a fake.
45 I thought it was a fake.
46 I am very envious that he go home feeling.
47 should not even think about it, the East, have been very special.
Who are the 48 who it is.
49 Moreover, more than 10,000 points.
50 Arthur, you OK it.
This simple 51 people, injured a hand on you.
52 asked King Arthur, do not ask me.
53 Moreover, we have no idea who is.
54 small, light rain.
55 I know what you want, but it is impossible that he will not fight the people.
56 Duanchang, you seem to understand Oh.
Di Siji
57 you are the fist Rex, Rex is your brain, heard.
58 heard that Rex the results very good, but so as not to be into the final group.
59 gave no views.
60 King Arthur, do not tell, do you love Carter Phillip nosy.
61 King Arthur, believe me, no one is not on the surface to see it.
62 hope that you are right.
63 cold, all right »
64 you identify.
65 suspected of King Arthur, Rex is K.O2.
66 Rex, is not K.O2, I does not matter.
67 KO list, breaking a million people, there are only two people.
68 King Arthur mean, Geer Men thing, how can we had less.
69 King Arthur, who is the newsletter.
70 problem is that they do not appear to think so.
71 Dadong, a Do not over-react.
72 Dadong, Arthur is to you.
73 a person, watches, mobile phones, necklaces, rings, when all of the. Hey, someone, ah speech.
74 Arthur watches, rings, a necklace when 120,000.
The 75 will not, then 50,000, have taken a lottery to buy it.
76 I just make a Haqian, not that what good »
77 Arthur, you do not forget, one of the first line, you are dedicated to him.
78 that it would willingly. No evidence before the capture, when loyalty to a bar.
79 Perhaps, the truth is that your Duoxin.
80 No, I had to go.
81 12:00, I fixed the time for practicing piano, for any reason, can not be terminated.
Di Wuji
82 of the bad.
83 Arthur, Dadong you have to apologize.
84 Dadong, Arthur not finish it.
85 I have said what you »
86… you do not really the right »
88 King Arthur, open up the phone back, not to clear it »
89 King Arthur, this is not the personality of the time you played OK.
90 is just, how are missing.
91 King Arthur.
92 is you take away the piano.
93 of your school, went to music class, I will not take the time to take away the piano.
94 classrooms in the music I hear you Gulong Shui to the taste, not for you, who »
95 This piano is my mom's the only thing left to me.

Aaron Yan Bio Untitled-31

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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Yan Bio   Aaron Yan Bio Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 3:45 pm

Di Liuji
96 I believe that the piano is not your stolen.
97 right » I do not believe that you Fang Dexia.
98 Arthur, I mean a Fangbu Xia, Rex is the thing.
99 I believe is you.
100 However, you are not that be hidden the fact that one day will be revealed? »
101 Arthur, you come back.
102 with a new shape to return to school.
103? Difficult »
104 see you today should not be to the identity of King Arthur, back to school.
105 class you come back, not to know? »
106 to one to students, is a very beautiful girls.
107 I said, Rex with the Dadong, she came in, have become very strange.
108 I will pretend not to see what.
109 or you come back it, so many tired.
In addition to 110 exorcism sister, I feel that the class how another, gradually enhance the combat effectiveness » Dadong, so strong combat effectiveness, it should be Dadong.
111 and then it »
112 I will know how, Dadong.
113 Dadong, Arthur is to you use another angle, Rex observed.
Di Qiji
114 exorcism sister, no one can destroy this principle.
115 What »
116 Dadong, the things you and Angel, private Zaijiang it. Moreover, I think you two talking about different things, you Bietai the excitement.
117 Arthur, you speak.
118 you here question how long the stay.
119 doing, ah want to be mine Pisi »
120 say that you believe is the Arthur.
121 However, I think Arthur not in Wulai Rex.
122 Rex back since, the issue of class, there will be no stopping-off.
123 really is it true »
124 best, Do not you worry about? Angel » She was scolded you like this.
125 is aware of.
The 126, of live fish to it.
127 to a point.
128 lightly a few can.
129 you can also do not have thrown me say no.
130 because of Angel.
131 is not the first day of your understanding of Wang Dadong, a point for his defense, it is very difficult.
132 or sentence, evidence.
133 Arthur, do you want to do what in the end.
134 Arthur In short, you not to the past.
135 Rex, Yue Kanyue really strange.
136 class guided home monitors, have them see what »
137 What you in trouble »
I was 138.
139 Dadong, you have nothing to speak.
140 Rex.
141 Well, the East, you barely eat on. The question is, how to Chia »
142 Zhaomen. Duanchang people, you bring this discourse to somebody Oh.
143 Duanchang, this speech really Hyun.
144 dog, it seems that K.O19, titanium alloys and should be done, it should be Dangxia, any powerful force.
145 Arthur, like posing as the National Cheng Kung University East, has just been attacked.
Di Baji
146 Angel, to come to my side.
147 he is now fighting capacity, he has gone beyond the limit.
148 how would such a long time, the operation has been more than six hours of the.
149 Long Wenao
150 Long Wenao fighting just to absorb the surplus energy, returned in the Dadong.
151 Dadong of income has been sufficient in energy, auto repair the injured organ
I. 152 classes, do not. Dadong, his parents absolutely do not want to see him now like this.
153 Dadong, you do so, is right. Forgive a person needs more courage than revenge. Worthy of being the boss is the ultimate one.
154 Arthur, with his bar, this is Wang Dadong.
155 Campbell III, please go back and sit well.
156 Dadong, get out more, how »
157 Dadong, you know, I am not very comforting to others. I think that Rex thing, you have done you to do, and the remaining part of it on You Taqu. Dadong, Rex his Body weapons, have left to you, said that he and your feelings still exist. It is also to tell you that he was leaving empty-handed, he wanted a real Rex, he has to start again.
158 Rex do not read, Dadong very ERA.
159 Angel, is strange in itself.
I. 160 classes, I think, quickly informed the Dadong.
161 Quiet.
162 This letter is my last letter to you, but also over the past few years, I wrote you a letter, only do not want you back. Dadong, I must admit, Angel write very good.
163 should not be.
164 Dadong, Angel Over the years, the letter addressed to you, you really no return? »
It should be regarded as 165.
166 you do not return to her letter, because you are afraid of writing bad »
167 pairs of a large East, I asked you, Angel's letter addressed to you, you read, you lost »
168 Dadong, all you have left a letter to the matter, Angel know what »
169 of my proposal, while still in time, as soon as possible, with Angel stresses this matter.
170 There is another secret ah »
171 for each message? »
172 Dadong, I am not joking, and quickly find Angel, and then you will breach of trust thing, all told her that she was back to listen.
173 to go » Not the case, I was forced to use your left hand.
174 to go »
175 Arthur, please shoot my head.
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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Yan Bio   Aaron Yan Bio Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 3:47 pm

Di Jiuji
176 Dadong with Angel, the lovers finally married.
177 doing » What I say something wrong? »
178 I can not say it »
179 Wang Dadong do it, I can do it.
180 for the loved one back more than 500 letters.
Duanchang 181 people, for so long we are not at things. I think I would like to… He Tang, I point a good soup.
182 points, "Baxianguohai," I point a bowl, two people drink, do it fast.
183 suffer the » Fall in love, what is not good »
184 perfect love, Shangshen also sad that this is you said it.
185 expected in the matter then, does not matter ah.
186 Tiandi Xia, the most perfect love, usually can not be said. King Arthur, you will not Jiangrensuonan the bar.
187 Shakespeare said what »
188 Kan Yangzi, he put too much gunpowder.
189 to love, no one could resist. Anyway, you remain sober enough.
190 Zaida a single bar.
191, "Choi 10," things still have to resolve.
192 you do not fight, to meet.
193 I hate violence, but also do not want to fight, "Cai 10."
194 Chen Shui-bian to me, not polite. However, I will not allow open.
195 In principle, I do not fight girls. Today operator you are unlucky, this generation of girls, suffer.
196 Arthur, is not "Cai 10".
197 Can you tell me what you in the end in phbbbbt »
198 in the end what is particularly memorable day ah »
199 good.
200 a person you ah »
201 no.
202 is not啦, this is my luggage.
203-Play in my auntie too noisy, rush out.
10 Set
204 It does not matter.
I was 205 orphans.
206 does not matter, I have no impact.
207 because no one knows.
You have heard it 208 »
209 Chords.
210 shut your eyes.
211 ears hear the music, and mind to hear the music, is not the same. Heart to hear the music, is the soul and heart and comfort from each other, the perfect sound experience.
212 It does not matter, you listen carefully, the first song, very beautiful.
213 that is the song I just wrote, even arranger, but also not entirely to good.
I Xianzou the 214.
215 class, go back to it.
216 I was also going.
217 In fact, this is a relationship with my dad. My dad, he is a musician, I have always felt that he Caiqi aspect, but unfortunately, Huaicaibuyu. When I was small, most like to watch him Play, although he did not hear one note inside the soul, but I hear. I believe that he is the best. However, he often alcoholism. Each time a drunk, I am forced to practice piano. He most of the gas, that is, I only practiced kung fu, instead of practicing. As long as a little small, he would fight hard to my head. Remember that day, the typhoon days, he also drunk, exciting, Yingting wearing a suit, with its own spectrum, saying that going to participate in their own performances will be released. I and mother, did not dare stop him.
218 that day, has been to see him, the ecstasy of Play on the air, after the typhoon, he was found in my house near the river……那条
219 It does not matter啦. Therefore, I have formed the habit of the two, one is not allowed to others Zaida my head. The other one is that I learn my dad, in his heart Play. Although, he will be the day of the concert, no piano. But I know that, in his mind, he has completed his lifetime, the most perfect performances.
220 you still remember the day, I said to listen carefully before listening to the song? » I have made, and now, the intention of listening to one.
221 I can tell you, together with their hands to feel.
222 yes, it is MC song. To mark a person five years ago, the United States when the MC for the first time.
223 TU. At that time, her panic, fear, helplessness, wrote a letter to her best friend.
224 TU.
225 right » You can talk about.
226 how stresses »
Class I.
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227. Are you saying that, Dadong mind, in addition to Angel, there are classes lead.
228 good. I went to ask him.
229 Dadong, I ask you, would you? Pitui »
11 Set
230 you the best, because classes do not lead, and hurt Angel. In this way.
231 He will not do things that the people.
We did not say 232.
233 protected class guided. That is Angel »
234 This is my mobile phone number.
235 This is my first cell phone.
236 How do you call me »
After the 237, are not a good Zaiku » If the heart sad, uncomfortable, you can play this one phone number, I will immediately appear in front of you. You are the only owners of this phone numbers of people, you can always find me. But I hope that after it is a no, sorrow lines.
12 Set
238 I had thought that, you have to do the Ferris wheel.
239 we Zouba.
240 I know you want to say, would say.
241 class guided, Angel leave today.
242 I do not want to.
243 you should not doubt that your loved one say so.
244 I know that you would like to ask what. That I will answer you. You are in this world, I only care about a few friends. But… I like your loved one. I know that this is your injury, so I have nothing to say. I am willing to pay the price. You have to like how can.
245 yes.
246 When I told him that I am in your recovery, he said, you are me.
247 Angel, I never want to replace the excessive East, therefore, you can always Hanting.没关系.
248 I to you, like Dadong secretly back the more than 500 letters. Do not look forward to respond. So…
249 Angel, to the past behind me.
250 Campbell III, I hope you in the face of King Arthur, help you to say some good words.
251 impossible.
252 Campbell III, together.
253 good. You limit within one minute, then finish.
254 people, others do not expect a decision, usually, will be hiding. In particular, for their trust.
255 I have decided to recover her, she decided not to refuse. Yes, we are afraid to face you.
256 Dadong, I really serve you. Worthy of being the boss is the ultimate one.
13 Set
257 Dadong carefully, and he good-keung.
258 Quiet.
259 right ah. What is the flavor in the end ah »
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PostSubject: Re: Aaron Yan Bio   Aaron Yan Bio Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 3:47 pm

260 Duan Chang, who is in the end you »
261 What »
262 However, you should also see, Duanchang his own people, the attitude of this issue, but also very strange.
263 do not. That is because some matters, he did not want to say.
264 things you mentioned, has gone beyond the scope of my understanding.
265 Dadong, like school, I had Xianzou.
266 you go with her, I left.
267 left.
268 Duanchang people, you force the so-called body, he is living? »
269 Duanchang, you not answered my last time you asked the question. Who are you in the end »
The ruling is 270 people »
271 you Dad Now »
272 of these two, I think he has guided the class scruples.
273 Dadong, Angel, you have to first Zouba, a person I can.
274 No, not Play is only temporary.
275, and you go home.
276 Dadong.
277 I can.
278 I can still play, believe me.
279 I ah. Well, let me think.
280 good. I speak on the first love it.
281 I said, injured his left hand, I can still play
282 Class I. You and Angel, here.
283 I said, I can also play.
14 Set
What is the 284 shelters »
285 Arthur, who said the knife Duanchang crazy, you should listen to what you said the father.
286 Class I. However, if真如Duanchang people have said, access to shelter, will disappear from the world's like. Dadong not crazy Caiguai.
287 Dadong, class guided into the shelter, at least is safe.
288 Dadong, Angel in the class, will be intimidated »
289 I say it. I Youquan one, regardless of whether or not hit each other, within three hours, a complete loss of powers, the powers will not be completely like a human.
290 I Youquan, Zuoquan more than 10 times the energy. I have a grasp, even if not to beat each other, so that he can also seriously injured. As for my own… is not important.
291 Dadong, no one can force me to do what. You like. You Quan not fight my own brother.
292 Campbell III, to open.
293 Angel, how can you be here »
294 Dadong, how the »
295 that he is not very dangerous. Where is he now » Arthur and I to take care of him.
296 Arthur, we are now to the club. Wu Conference by the people, will never give up.
297 do not understand.
Duanchang 298 people, the East, was what to injury »
299 His purpose…
300 I understand. This person will can not stand the pain, and promised to force the CD by any of the requirements.
301 Arthur, please shoot me forehead. I think he punched more quickly.
302 Duanchang!
303 Arthur, you know that old ghosts? Knife »
304 She and husband and wife is mad knife »
305 them in the end with the Dadong What is the relationship between »
306-activated speed-for-»
307 Dadong, you have seen knives crazy? »
I have a 308 total, he stands on around you feel.
309 Fortunately, we do not kill the person he is.
310 Dadong, these days, we are all the things you deal with, so…
311 Dadong, I told Arthur will help you handle things in her class.
312 Dadong, you can not use the combat capabilities, not to mention the speed-also the threat of any one KO list of people, can hurt you.
313 Arthur, she is Angel.
314 Angel, the East, he may have to self-cultivation for a while, others Fortunately, you have to look at him? »
315 letters »
316 Angel, I am sorry that during this period of time, we…
317 Arthur, I really do not know how to deal with this matter.
318 if Dadong know. I did not give him a letter from Angel, he will hate me.
319 In fact, Arthur, Angel, is still the love of Dadong, I really unimportant.
320 I will pay attention to.
[321 (false light rain / no) Arthur.
322 (false light rain / no) King Arthur, indeed, is smarter than Wang Dadong more. However, are the same. . He. He. He……]
323 ultimate class, prepare for war.
323 Arthur, how matter »
324 that person away.

15 Set

Duanchang 325 people, stressing that now.
326-lock swords » Do you think this rock, which is used to lock the sword »
327 laws, there is no such requirement.
328 Therefore, the lock had a stone sword, the sword will control you.
329 Therefore, once the lock-scored the sword, you also likely to hurt us.
I was 330.
331 Arthur mean is that you are all intelligent people should be it.
He knows how the 332 »
His possession of 333 speed-for-pin.
334 I find him.
335 knife crazy won »
336 I now find Dadong.
337 Arthur, do you have Duanchang the mobile phone number? »
338 you father, he found it »
339 Dadong possession of a needle exchange rate, have not found a way to save, we can not only here in the dry, and so on.
340 with your father that I would like to see Heilonggang. I believe that
He found Heilonggang.
341 with me, for Dadong. Let me into the CD-by, I used needle exchange rate for the solution.
342 Arthur, I believe Heilonggang coming out of that day, you and I, felt that the Heilong. As long as we Jin-wu by the Conference, he will help me to break, Youquan can only be used once the restrictions. And you the sword in the stone, the sword will no longer be in control of the devil.
343 I Youquan, a can Yuanyuanbujue, the methods used.
344 shattered my keel Sixue.
345 As long as I can continue to use my Youquan, even for a while, I fully it a try, I can settle Heilonggang.
346 Dadong, because I was injured.
347 I also believe that.
348 Therefore, Dadong you decide to accept the challenge.
349 In order to have more confidence in you accept the challenge. Come on, use your powers of the new practice, playing King Arthur punched.
350-3, you will be in the shortest possible time, rocked the entire university community, will shock KO list. Go ahead.
Pi 351 people reproduce the political arena, is you.
352 would like to have as soon as possible today, we all restitution.
353 I am worried that, if not it »
354 issues in the East, he encountered strong, the strong, weak, weak event of a natural defense. If, he felt, hiding behind the three-, I Youquan of energy.
355 Dadong, you speed on the needle exchange.
356 Dadong, Angel is in your way, you will always be, believe me.
357 Angel, this is my first letter to you, I am afraid, is also the last time. Want to say is that accompany you in this time, I was happy. Although, I know you also resulting in the Dadong between me and the chaos, but I do not regret it. I think you understand, because you like me, know that love can be a person regardless of all, there is no need to be explained. As you love Dadong, Dadong love you and I will be nothing of. This is because you Zuoban days, in fact, be enough. And you, I think it is.
16 Set
358 only, why she should turn to the ultimate class » CAI Yun-han in the Southern District of University community, can be considered a role.
359 Dadong, we want to help you »
360 no ah. On the recent heavy things, then a one, and this matter, particularly funny.
361 people, to Arthur and mating.
The 362 girls, can click on the Skip to the K.O3's back, I think she's fighting strength index, should not low.
363 right ah. I really do not smile, even if you and five Cai Xiong mating, I do not smiling.
364 Campbell until the afternoon of March 1, are also not Jinjiao Shi.
365 right ah.
366 you? »
367 So, you used to like this, continue to miss her.
368 MC song…
369 Arthur, do you have to Kum Kang sister, know why you like to eat pizza.
370 Arthur, King Kong sister, not simple. She also Caidechulai what you eat, even to guess other, perhaps, what she really have specific functions.
371 firefighters to the Duanchang people.
Duanchang 372 people.
Duanchang 373 people, I would like to see Ting Ting, another is what »
374 I think, Duanchang, has been a腹案.
Our 375 special classes, is in need of special classes guide.
376 classes today, I think you lead, and done quite well.
377 class guided, you told her that what »
378 said that she tell you what »
379 Do you know why Arthur today run so fast? »
380 wrong. His former school, I Cenggen-of-entry.
I am in 381 townships, and perhaps she can really guess Arthur in mind.
382 Arthur, you do not pay attention to events »
383 she will know how you the sword in the stone of the things »
384 and then, Duanchang people in the corridor, has encountered principals…
385 money Ye! Impossible.
386 I think it should have relations.
387 good.
388 today looking for opportunities, with Duanchang people talk about, ask clear.
Kan Yangzi she is not willing to 389.
390 Arthur, I and the Great East, really do not know how to help you.
A 391 back in your possession at any time urinating girls school, he has really hard.
But Arthur 392, probably hope that the school as soon as possible.
393 I think, he is to cause some attention to what people.
394 Thank you, oh.
17th -
395 Duanchang, your sense of mystery, like not really before.
396 Duanchang!
397 is because he can predict the future.
398 then these forecasts are realized? »
399 so that the people of the paintings, more frightening than the book.
400 because, know in advance the future, not necessarily a good thing.
401 Duanchang, is to attract someone's attention.
402 you think, in the end he would like to who caused the attention it »
403 Dadong, you said this very prospective.
404 I think it should be Duanchang people painstaking arrangements for the purpose.
405 Arthur, you say »
406 Arthur, you have read this book father? »
407 there is no reason why she cheated us.
408 I think, because he must be certain things, and changed the teaching methods.
409 I think, this, a bit heavy.
410 I think this pen, there are powerful forces.
Even if 411, for your punishment, nor that »
412 Quiet. I like a punishment. Ah said.
413 it a little faster. More careful, I am not human.
414 I found that I like punishment of the Carter Phillip.
415 of the more mysterious, more likely Qimaobuyang.
416 Arthur, do you dare to look at Gold Fountain Pen Co-point? »
417 Why, then, people read, they can not convey its content? »
I understand the 418. King Kong because her sister thought pure enough, so she can read. However, she did not want to reveal Tianji, so she had to talk about, you will be her future men. Because of your father and Duanchang, is Laojiang Hu, even if read, Buzhisuoyun. Say, can not tell a Suoyi Ran.
419 In simple terms, even a Gold Fountain Pen Co-points are on the front of me, is not there any significance, because we like to see do not know.
420 view, you finally willing to admit that his younger sister of King Kong predicted that is true.
421 thinking the more simple, more seen that. The complexity of evil, Yue Kanyue do not understand. I would like to Campbell III, is the most typical example.
422 I also do not agree you can see.
423 and will soon be able to answer.
I agree 424.
425 Anyway, we do not want to see.
426 Duanchang, sent last night by the five CD-body, Xiangqiang this book.
427 Arthur, the use of the sword in the stone.
428 of this, I do not express their views.
429 Thus, 10, the East mean is that you sacrifice yourself, and her mating call.
430 is not really injured »
18 Set
He is not afraid of Campbell 431 3.
432 can force a ruling by the rulers, Heilonggang, generate fear, no war and go, it may »
433 index their combat capability, is the mature. They each have a special energy music, their help in Dadong, the impact of his combat capability index. Unfortunately, the index of East war, has reached 10,000 points, the Shang Buqu.
434 I would like to Dadong, is to help us enhance combat capability index.
435 Arthur, I think, you are not in the gas Jinbao 3.
436 Arthur, you alright.
437 is a bit unusual.
438 Dadong, class, the combat effectiveness of the technology, is the number of «
He did not Laiye 439, much bolder.
440 Duanchang, that appear in King Kong Heilonggang sister in front of them, the results of that vote was Jinbao three people, drove them off, do you think this will have on relations with the skills you »
441 as we do for you Chia.
Bieke Qi 442 on the bar, please say.
443, ah, a Raoren, and Raoren ah.
444 are OK ah.
445 Oh, alright.
446 come.
447 in the end what is happening »
448-then the sword once completely ineffective results.会是怎么样»
449 Is not no way you can control it to the sword »
450 Arthur, do you remember King Kong sister said that she can help you control the sword in the stone.
With 451. Usually, one of the ultimate story come here, not me, talking about such key words.
452 to find the mother of weapons, knives ghosts.
453 water, plus 8 cents shrimp flavor.
454 Spider-Man » Batman »
455 Arthur, you alright.
456 because it came from the sector, the weapons.
457 now, Campbell is not justified when the three.
458 and the sword in the stone, as if that is not lost on the lost.
459 King Kong sister, you go first, how you want to save Arthur.
460 The question is, Arthur, will not easily believe that the

In the ultimate one inside the lines:
First one:
Rain: the Lower East Side-repair capabilities so strong?
Rain: To start the
Rain: Unfortunately, our combat capability and did not resume
Rain: Dadong Arthur said he To the right we have gone beyond his ability to load the wrong
Rain: ah you seem to know a lot about the war we lost all of the things but you do not say
Rain: I
Rain: Another space-time
Yu: That we are now in which time and space
Rain: you?
Rain: The restoration of these Fenshen talent and we have relations?
Rain: So you iron this time to return to the good and evil can not turn the struggle of good that the decline of our entire universe will Mojie in the control of the right
Rain: 'Alexander: the most deadly battlefield on the soldiers, people often have a Jibu Zhu's face ...'
Rain: I, and so on that day for a long time
Moxibustion Dance (iron Leader time) at the end of a 29 -

Ya-lun said that the worthy collection of 01. Tell their first day, 'I am really good'. 02. Angry with others is the wrong thing to punish their own. 03. Life if not friends, just like life without sunlight like. 04. The hope of tomorrow, today, let us forget the pain. 05. If stripped of life ideals, dreams, fantasy, life is just a pile Kong Jiazi. 06. Luminous sun is not the patent, you can also luminous. 07. Yuzhe used physical surveillance soul, wise soul with physical surveillance. 08. Was the only way to happiness is a treasure you have, you have not forgotten. 09. Greed is the real poverty, meet the most real wealth. 10. You can get the whole world with love, you can also use the world hate losing. 11. The value of the temptations of the moment was decided. 12. Young is the only thing we have the right to weave the dream time. 13. Youth will never again a classic immediately ransom. 14. Not a love of language and text are all dull.

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