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 Jiro Wang Bio

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PostSubject: Jiro Wang Bio   Jiro Wang Bio Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 3:36 pm

Name: Wang Dongcheng

Alias nickname: Wang Dongcheng (Zeng Yongming), Jior (nickname)

Date of birth: August 24, 1981

Place of birth: Taiwan

Blood type: O -

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Education: rejuvenation of art "-based Branch"

Shoes, 7.5
24.5-inch hand-foot-45 inches
Shoulder Width 20-inch
Sanwei size brassieres (37 inches), waist circumference (29 inches), hips (37 inches)

Interests: sports, music
Expertise: singing, painting

Pet phrase: is also a fake

Qiu most of the big things: shopping, clothes to wear anti -
The most memorable things: high school graduation ceremony

Favorite color: color the sky, the earth -
Favorite artists: HIDE
Like to hear the words: temperament
Likes to eat: As long as things can eat

Future goals: Ren Jianren love the artist
For the purpose of life to service, service people

Looks quite cool, but claimed both rave warm hearts and funny

At present for the flywheel can meters (Fahrenheit) members
Other members of Calvin Chen, Arron Yan, Wu Zun.
Has made a first album

Performing arts experience:
*** MTV ***
MAKIYO-"back to your" MTV
Chang Hui-mei - "I remember" MTV
Liang Jingru - "breaking up happy," the chorus version
FIR - "Fly Awaly"
Liu Ruoying - "the beginning of that sentence"
Tank-"I love you"

*** CF ***
Drink plenty of water cf "lying in the tub chapter"
There's not very's tea drinks
Instant noodles to a customer "tail flick chapter"
U be Taiwan's new bank card, "Japan Paotang chapter"
MOTOROLA Hao Li Dafang Song "taxi chapter"
Lipton tea, "breaking the better chapter"
Shin Kong Life "Beautiful Life chapter"
Shin Kong Life - proudly fiscal series - the accident chapter
Love Weixian mining tomato juice, "Porsche chapter"
The whole family chain - fresh housing second 40%
Telecommunications and the letter "Hala 900 Hala 560"
KFC "hotties carbazole pull Coprinus Fort meal"
Wanming team up to fate "monster chapter"
Ou Boshi lip balm
Guocai Zhi-honey
heme-Man Simpel men's care products
Kangshifu 3 +2 soda Qiaxinbinggan
7-Eleven convenience stores
C.C lemon soda
Taishan Xiancao honey
Taishan Bingzhen drinks
Watson's Water
Cardan Road casual clothes
Crush the oath Tanabata Valentine's Day series
Cartier-ballon bleu series watch
Hong Kong Disneyland publicity

Plane *** ***
"Straight people & Wood wild village that show" ... clothing has become a spokesman for three quarters!
ps in many department stores can be seen, for example: sogo, Core Pacific City, according to Butterfly, Simon Tsang, etc. ...

*** *** Chair
[V] popular location host In House
[V] V Power-scenes Moderator

*** *** Concert
2005 Taipei City New Year the most HIGH
2005 Hsinchu City, 2006 Wind Music dazzling show
2005 hope to take off, Taoyuan GOGOGO
2006 is Xiaoguanzhuang love concert
2006TANK 000 concert
2007 + Hong Kong-Guangzhou dream of the flywheel concert

*** *** Music
2005-12-27 ultimate one television soundtrack
2006-7-19 Eastern Juliet soundtrack album
2006-9-15 flywheel-first album the same name
2006-12-2 tricks Teen movie soundtrack
2007-8-10 ultimate soundtrack of a TV
2008-1-4 double flywheel sea

Television works:

"2 kiss prank" played by Akinci
"The ultimate one," Wang played Dadong
"In the Teen" played by Kim Soo Iraq
"Listening to stupid goldfish singing"
"The new Malaxianshi"
"No. 8 when the arrests"
"An ultimate"
"Mischievous 2 kiss"
"Roller! Danchao Fan" (already shot)

Blog http://www.wretch.cc/blog/gyapower

Jiro Wang Bio Untitled-31

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PostSubject: Re: Jiro Wang Bio   Jiro Wang Bio Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 3:37 pm

Dadong Underground Orchestra is also the lead singer KARMA
Orchestra now has been renamed the Lower East Side Wei!

Lower East Side-information

Frontman - East - Wang Lower East Side
Guitar - repair - Chen Xiu
Bass - stirrup - Denghua Dun
Drummer - offerings - Ming-han

Hagi also the guitarist with attitude in the April 06 due to personal reasons, have withdrawn from the ~
In fact, this major East and high school friends formed a band.
Lower East Side called the first-KARMA, 2005年KARMA the rest, part of the reason is that lead singer vocal damage in the vocal cords because of the slow recovery from the Italian singer initiation,
Does not apply to any request Tuituan the ground, to discourage the members. Replacement drummer, in the same year in October changed its name DJ-WIS (fire profile).
Early 06 guest singer of the band because of personal drama performance (the ultimate one-Oh), Wei once again renamed as the Lower East Side.

The first generation of college [Karma]
The second generation of college] [DJ-WIS
D-Dun. Laodeng
J-Jiro. Dadong
W-Will. Kisdobos
I-Iyhon. Lao Qiu
S-Sun. Xiu
* The English name from the beginning of each member patchwork of.
Mission of the third generation fire profile] [
Mission of the fourth generation [-] Lower East Side

In "Karma" period, Dadong they had been performing a song, word by the Dadong lyrics.
Song is called "Shared fled in mind."
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PostSubject: Re: Jiro Wang Bio   Jiro Wang Bio Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 3:38 pm

Dadong ultra-detailed information
2002-03-24 Xicongtianxiang the entire unit HEBE
2003-10-10 gifted forward-star pick ad
2004-01-21 New Year special program on the 9th Biaoju (Undetermined)
2004-08-16 entertainment kiss prank 100% open-press conference
2004-08-21 entertainment kiss prank 100% open-market news conference cold
2004-08-26 100 per cent entertainment prank kiss on the actors performance classes
2004-10-13 100 per cent entertainment prank kiss rewarded Dinner
2005-01-14 100 per cent in South Asia disaster relief fund-raising entertainment connection
2004-12-11 V POWER Others
2005-01-21 prank kiss graduate theater news (from the visit)
2005-09-22 100 per cent entertainment prank kiss will meet with the premiere of infertility
2005-09-29 100 per cent entertainment guests: Dadong, Yuan Chang, according to Chen, Wei-ling
2005-10-04 100 per cent entertainment prank kiss south-central Signed
2005-10-11 100 per cent entertainment prank kiss will advance to meet the campus
2005-10-25 to kiss in the news as viewership Dadong yuan Cheong Exploration by morning
2005-10-26 100 per cent entertainment prank kiss Celebration Party
Entertainment news prank kiss Celebration Party
2005-11-03 peach protein guests: Yuan Chang, Dadong, JASON
Zhong 2005-11-12 the Avenue of Stars Awards
2005-11-24 100 per cent entertainment guests: large East, Yu Zhe, Melody
2005-12-01 100 per cent entertainment guests: large East, Yuzhe
2005-12-05 100 per cent entertainment prank kiss will meet in Taichung
KANG Yong headed guests: Dadong, Melody, etc.
2005-12-13 Games final group of stars
2005-12-21 entertainment soundtrack 100% pre-signature will be
2005-12-26 entertainment flywheel 100 per cent, the Institute signed a press conference
Entertainment flywheel complete the inquiry, signing a press conference
2005-12-27 ultimate entertainment group of 100 per cent shooting Lin Yu opera
2005-12-28 entertainment with music fans will be 100%
2005-12-29 100 per cent entertainment guests: the flywheel
Complete entertainment guests: the flywheel
2005-12-31 entertainment news behind the first Music
2006-01-02 entertainment news SHE Ganchang Quan Jilu
Entertainment SHE Ganchang scenes 100%
2006-01-04 entertainment news and gentlemen: the flywheel
2006-01-10 100 per cent shooting to the entertainment I love you MV
2006-01-16 ultimate entertainment group of 100 per cent of the first ceremony
Entertainment morning by 100 per cent of the candy section Ambassador
2006-01-29 prank kiss special feature
2006-02-01 entertainment special feature 100% Chusi the flywheel
2006-02-26 are Xiaoguanzhuang Charity Concert & scenes
2006-03-21 entertainment 100%
2006-03-24 ultimate entertainment group of 100 per cent second ceremony
2006-04-03 100% TANK Fisherman's Wharf entertainment concert
2006-04-04 entirely Fisherman's Wharf entertainment TANK concert behind the scenes
2006-04-09 TANK Fisherman's Wharf concert
2006-04-12 entertainment news conference Guocai Zhi-honey
100% honey Guocai Zhi-entertainment press conference
2006-05-05 entertainment 100% Huayang Teen location
Entertainment news Huayang Teen location
2006-05-30 100 per cent eight animated entertainment news conference death
100% entertainment prank kiss will enter the Hong Kong Journalists
2006-06-19 entertainment 100% ELLA Qingsheng press conference
Entertainment news conference ELLA Qingsheng
2006-08-08 entertainment magazine photography PLAY 100%
2006-08-12 I guess I guess I guess guess with SHE
2006-08-21 entertainment will be 100 per cent flywheel sea Qianshou four essential not affect Popularity
2006-08-29 complete entertainment
2006-08-30 entertainment news flywheel-publicity new album
Hito Radio flywheel the courage to test
2006-08-31 I love black Shibuya (1)
Entertainment 100%
2006-09-01 I love black Shibuya (the)
Oriental fashion
2006-09-04 complete entertainment tacit agreement test
2006-09-05 entertainment in Asia
Dalian Gazette every day
Kangxi to the
Entertainment is a complete liar who
2006-09-06 entertainment basketball clubs 100% 100%
2006-09-10 entertainment flywheel 100% sea fans will play
2006-09-11 entertainment news SHE into the fifth anniversary of the military correspondents Dadong
2006-09-12 entertainment news
2006-09-14 entertainment 100%
2006-09-15 entertainment 100%
Complete entertainment
Entertainment News
2006-09-16 I guess I guess I guess guess
All the British seized Qitiantaisheng
I was totally entertainment-game
2006-09-17 Badian Dang at the scene Sunday
2006-09-18 Royal Women's College
Complete entertainment experience early gifted girls (1)
2006-09-19 I am 100 per cent home entertainment also star ()
Entertainment is not completely not funny - psychological test
2006-09-20 I am 100 per cent home entertainment also star ()
Complete entertainment experience early gifted girls (2)
2006-09-22 stingy great God of Wealth
To the sad story of Emperor Kangxi
2006-09-23 Arts Mobile
MTV pop Tricks
2006-09-24 playing music concert HITFM Taiwan -
Sunday Badian Dang
2006-09-25 entertainment 100%
2006-09-27 Hito Radio HITO new 18 seconds
2006-09-29 100% 100% Arts Entertainment will be released
2006-09-30 Qitiantaisheng
2006-10-02 Perak Jiaowa
2006-10-03 entertainment news
Entertainment flywheel-beaded-100%
2006-10-04 V pick
2006-10-05 Oriental fashion
V pick
Entertainment 100% factory flywheel-CD package
2006-10-06 Red Storm Shuashuai training courses
Entertainment News
Oriental fashion barbecue special Mid-Autumn Festival
In the moonlight as Yonghe Huahuochuanqing
2006-10-07 I guess I guess I guess guess
MTV Music Taiwan flywheel-music programme
2006-10-08 exemplary Bangbang Tang
2006-10-09 entertainment 100%
Entertainment news and classes Dadong
2006-09-21 entertainment flywheel-100% low-income families foundry Jiancha defeathering
Wu Zun birthday entertainment news
2006-10-11 Hito Radio DJ behalf of classes of the population challenge
2006-10-13 genius GOGOGO
2006-10-14 Qitiantaisheng
2006-10-16 transit flywheel-music programme
2006-10-18 peach protein
2006-10-19 exemplary Bangbang Tang flywheel-wheel cake competition VS (1)
2006-10-20 exemplary Bangbang Tang flywheel-wheel cake competition VS (2)
100% ultimate entertainment a shot
2006-10-25 GIMMEFIVE
Entertainment 100%
2006-10-27 entertainment 100% Dadong imitate Aaron Kwok RIAN
2006-10-30 entertainment flywheel 100 per cent of small-concert
Entertainment News
2006-10-31 limited television entertainment news
2006-11-01 Oriental fashion flywheel popular Red Sea concert will not
2006-11-02 limited television entertainment news
2006-11-03 Hong Kong Wireless TV entertainment news
2006-11-05 Sunday Badian Dang unreasonable challenges head -
2006-11-06 100% ultimate entertainment scene of a large open
V pick
Entertainment on the front line
2006-11-07 Guangzhou popular front-line
2006-11-08-world entertainment news
Hong Kong-Taiwan limited only to a feeling of the flywheel
2006-11-09 flywheel-entertainment news reporting from Hong Kong
2006-11-15 Dongzhangxiwang flywheel sea travel to Hong Kong harbour
2006-11-16 entertainment-world guests: the flywheel
2006-11-19 Hubei an interview with Taiwan
2006-11-20 entertainment 100%抢see patterns Teen
2006-11-21 100 per cent entertainment into the campus synchronized Teen
Oriental fashion flywheel-Hong Kong.
2006-11-22 entertainment tricks Teen cast 100%
2006-11-24 entertainment turmoil
BIGSTAR star guests: the flywheel
2006-11-25 100% entertainment and Linyi Chen speak candy
2006-11-27 100 per cent entertainment video synchronized Teen Friends
Emperor Kangxi who was born to the actor
2006-11-28 entertainment at the flywheel 100% SHE charitable activities
2006-11-30-world entertainment news
2006-12-01 entertainment ELLA love 100% 100%
2006-12-03 Hong Kong entertainment stars every day WOD concert
2006-12-04 Shibuya and I would really love for Jueqing (1)
Entertainment Eight K Taiwan to set up 100%
Peach protein
2006-12-05 Shibuya and I would really love for Jueqing (2)
2006-12-07 eighth bomb bags raid team
2006-12-08 100 per cent entertainment tricks Teen
2006-12-10 entertainment K Taiwan to set up 100 per cent entertainment market cold
2006-12-11 100 per cent entertainment tricks Teen breaking slabs of high-ratings
2006-12-14 entertainment and 100% HEBE the flywheel Choir
2006-12-18 entertainment 100% SHE concert ceremony
SHE small domed stadium full entertainment concert
2006-12-19 Dongzhangxiwang TVB8 reported Prize Concert
2006-12-20 entertainment 100%
2006-12-22 MTV interview with Tian Laicun
Entertainment 100 per cent when the teacher Wu Zun
2006-12-27 ultimate entertainment an injured more than 100 per cent
2006-12-28 Kang Kang Hou Saire
Entertainment 100%
2007-01-01 entertainment news Music Concert
2007-01-03 entertainment not entirely funny - Fazhan
2007-01-06 TVB8 popular music space
2007-01-08 Hunan Satellite TV entertainment without limit
2007-01-09 depending on the music-headed
2007-01-26 Anhui TV超级大赢家
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PostSubject: Re: Jiro Wang Bio   Jiro Wang Bio Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 3:42 pm

Wang Dong Cheng of Life
Wang Dong Cheng of the road to fame 7 8 Shui does not bend success, the 18-year-old, because love to sing, he would send delegations to several friends everywhere performances, participate in the competition, because of outstanding performance and帅气appearance, after the international Record companies signed. Chunfengdeyi, he was on his confidence in the future, but for 911 of getting the film.
To be home alone the burden of debt in the Dong Cheng this year, Wang was 26 years old, his father died, the mother of the feelings can only bet on him, in order to debt repayment efforts Work hard but the cause. Everything seems very heavy. Children like to see him like a man falling tears, the reporter actually Songlekouqi, the health of more than Jiangyanhuanxiao.
However, no matter Zailei, Wang Shuang Yanpi Dong Cheng must be affixed to go out good. Cosmetics before taking pictures of the actress, mutatis mutandis, the time for two hours. He has always been efforts than others. Wu Zun is Brunei's your son, Arron Yan father is Nephrology doctors, Calvin Chen father engaged in foreign trade business, in addition to Wang Dong Cheng, the remaining members of the flywheel in Youwo grew up in an environment, Wang Qiong Xiaozai Dong Cheng Home still has debts of millions, waiting for him to also, he must squeeze their pay more.
The 'little unfair. 'He squeezed out one of his idols drama often happy smile:' may be more colorful than the same age children. China to work out on the accumulated experience of a lot of work 'but the real situation than an understatement to say a few words of many more brutal - Wang Dong Cheng father was a retired veteran, when more than 50-year-old gave birth to him, and he in the country when his father because of diabetes Wobing, Shuini Gong done, remove iron bars, the leaflets, Bai Ditan…… 'Shuini Gong is as fitness, ah, originally started in China in fitness,. He! 'Wang Dong Cheng continue to use the equipment Shuanglang the tone of self.
Wobing his father from a shy child into pistachios, because happy is a simple armed, so that we can not see his vulnerability. 'When I was small I just took office receive will cry out, until my dad sick, I want my own increasingly strong, to find ways to let everyone think I was happy, because I do not want to worry about' Mother Wang from East to develop open Character.
'I think that for the mother to do what is worthwhile, for her to do what is certain to be the' nose tic Wang Dong Cheng, his eyes Chaohong, it's clear already Yaoku, the agent immediately Dishang glossy paper. 'Fortunately, I also live Chengde'
'Movie tired, my mother is very worried about my body, she一定会比I get up as early as half an hour, to help me prepare nutritional things. No matter for me to go home late, she will awake, she often said that I was her best sleeping pills, I was not the time she took, I could take a bath out of a home, she had heard in Daha Qian, She really than I do a lot of hard…… 'family Wang Lower East Side fatal weakness, not the 10 seconds before the tears of Yinghan, at this moment the end Gunxia a few drops of tears.
Dad stands on stage to feel refueling
Parents married late, more than 50-year-old middle-aged veterans encountered tailoring division love, Patong in the 40-year-old mother of that year he decided to give birth.
My dad was very sincere in the pursuit of my mother. My mother often said, if by that time have to pay a girlfriend, my dad wants to learn more. My mother is doing clothes shop proprietress, if my dad told her about 18:00 pm and 2:00 to be near her. '
Sweet events of the past is only the remnants of some fragments. Wang father is sick of the Dong Cheng life ordeal began.
He began playing third year as lead singer Orchestra, the training mission by a day can temporarily forget their loved ones could leave the fact that his father eventually result in death on December 23, WangDong Cheng of the Canxiao: 'We Orchestra in the next day, that is, Christmas Evening performances are already practicing for a long time. ] [My mother or me to! 'Wang choked Lower East Side. He suction force to maintain the smooth words. 'Later, as long as it stood on stage, I feel that I am helping my Dad Come on! I can be a very distressed my mother, her one of so many responsibilities. '
Do not give up a three-year decline
His father left 5 million mortgage, Wang Dong Cheng of the challenges can not support the family task, while not happy with how » He was recommended to the students as models, the record company audition when he was signed, that the best of luck this fall but actually empty joy. He recalled. 'I ranked Jay, after the variety of films, but the entire production of 911 of the BMG after being cut, too high expectations, feeling great, I Nayi Wan Kudehencan, because many people think that I am sorry, I am sorry I Ma. '
It is bad to bizarre, from the time Wang Dong Cheng in "mischievous kiss" by the attention to the middle after three years of downturn, the period he went to the army, or even come back after not giving up. 'Feel a bit silly, I environment for my background, it can not support me to do this. But then I also feel that, since its still young, of course, going-to! But I do not want the old times, but also no choice but to take the child, father and younger when there is a regret…… '
Hard to live exercise to Wang Dongcheng soft posture, and later years, he performed the ultra-Narcissism Shuabao, the Argentine Kuangzhui Linyi Chen Jin, a great sense of accomplishment speech.
In his "tricks Teen" in respect of performance art Bangchen Miss Harlequin. Said: 'you have the flywheel Red Sea, but it seems to join Wu Zun robbed of your charisma » '
'Say what robbed the charisma……' Wang Lower East Side, where appropriate term care. 'Maybe today, the Ministry show that he is mainly, who are mainly acquired another, who may stand in the waves head, I write what the media will not be affected, I hope he took me to Brunei fitness? Of course, if he helped me out a ticket also OK (often-you jealous Wu Zun, and that does not respect you and Miss exchanges, it is really «) how will it« Although we have four different opinions, but they all Adults, to fight a big deal all right-on,. He! Joking, not啦, that have different styles, used to do only the outside world, not our problem. 'After all, already with more than two years, the work of friendship. Flywheel sea is four, I also like so many of the three brothers, each other can rely on each other, a struggle? 'Wang Lower East Side from the program to imitate the Daguan Qiang tone of voice:' So, outside of these are false. 'Tone from the answer to that really are funny enough
Wu did not respect the Junshuai (I do not think so, ladies and East fans? ») And more gold and large muscles, Wang had more to the Lower East Side. He from asthma, the movie often Zhishui two hours a day. Always get epistaxis, conjunctivitis.
'I was really except to hospital, otherwise I would not say NO. Photographed hospital that collapsed, I was really linked, but very powerful, I Shougong it collapsed, when taken in vomit, but I know that if the fall will be very troublesome, many people's schedule are white Pai, then I certainly hope that this matter completed today. '
'On another occasion wear corneal change color movie film, eye injuries, I Duyan Long a package, but also to go to the program for publicity. We may think that I am in Shuashuai it up as it did, because I was the performance of dynamic, very normal…… 'In fact, he jokingly said at the time hearts cry:' What will give me leave! '
Reporter could not help but remind him that when the actor is such ah! His face was exposed to meet face: 'on the pull! I am more fond of playing before, but signed a manager began after the film series, like the opening obsessed, I can not be separated from the Performing Arts has become the cause. An experienced person, I believe are all the more treasure 'is fun.
While the cause-old mother quickly married his regular reminders of Health small Dongdong, below knee for her to kill time.
He was helpless said: 'I am not a long time girlfriend, the last being photographed together with Li Yulin Qiao Yu is now my work situation can not operate a section of feelings, or first mortgage also End, after all, that is My parents bought the house together. (If one day, you pay off all the debt, most want to do what is «) is of course with her mother to travel, often to the flywheel publicity abroad, every time I see her mother photographs taken are very envious of, in particular, Hong Kong Disneyland, so I preferred to accompany his mother to Disney! (Girlfriend in future elections should also like her mother, right ») of course! Must be filial piety, gentle, mother liked the most important! '
Seeing circle Xiaonv Linyi Chen, Yang Cheng-lin have finished trading for the home, said Wang Dongcheng morale high: 'on! The next is me! This will not need to rush a circular ride motorcycles, you can buy a car to a son! 'It turned out that no matter how sensible early to endure hardship, he must, with young people in general are no different.
Wang Lower East Side looks great and true, respectively, had thought that he was fond of playing rock, the popular character of blood boys, the original has gentle side. He is always on the screen designed to lively and funny, but in interviews several times choked - such as he was born children of poor families and parents is Sixue, a poke on an instant tears submerged Wang Lower East Side.
He said his parents more old only son, that one can open a happy life, how his father expected increase complications of hypertension, fainted in the tub can not afford to, from, that the eyes of his small size, only the cook to cook Mother, you must Chengqi the whole family. Therefore, he rarely celebrate birthdays, because this day is the most difficult days of my mother. He said: 'Mom really great, although thin, but you see I am tall so high, she knew the exhaustion of raising efforts when I grow up
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Jiro Wang Bio
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