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PostSubject: Wu Zun Bio   Wu Zun Bio Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 3:31 pm

ame: Wu Zun
Whose real name is: WU Ji Zun (Goh Kiat Chun)
English name: Chun
Birthday: 1979/10/10
Constellation: Libra
Nationality: Brunei
Ancestral home: the island in Fujian
Current residence: Taipei
National: Han
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Of shoes: on the 10th
Bust: 40
Waist: 31
Hips: 38
Occupation: Television actor singer model
Personality: shy, see forgotten, for the cause heavy.
Hobbies: playing basketball, fitness, reading, listening to music, watching movies, eating, cooking and travel.
Favorite color: look at the situation…
Favorite food: I am loved, in addition to greasy food what I eat.
Favorite drink: non-alcoholic drinks cocktails MOCKTAIL
Favorite music: see mood
Favorite places: New York
Most want to go to the City: New York
Favorite movie: hero character
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite cartoon character: Superman
Favorite flower / Huayu: Lily
Teenage first love: 16-year-old
Like the opposite sex type: For me, the most important thing is feeling.
The most annoying thing: I lost the most important people around
The greatest desire: life, and great achievements in their career to be a good person
Done the most memorable things: take care of the mother prior to his death
Done the most regretful things: the mother prior to his death did not spend enough time in her side
Done the most courageous thing: Taiwan will continue to pursue my career in the performing arts circle

Performing arts experience
Portfolio: the flywheel (Other members include: ※ Wang Dongcheng ※ Calvin Chen Yan ※ Aaron ※)

Album: "I have my young" (2006) "double-sided flywheel sea" (January 4, 2008)

Pictures: 2007 / Taiwan, "a cape Paradise" (the flywheel)
Japan, "the flywheel Fahrenheit First" (the flywheel)

Participating drama

2005 'KO One ~ ~' ultimate one-decorated Tianhong (guest) playing the KO list of KO1, is the class I. (Melody played)'s brother, died, he was the devil into force training body, was eventually played Wang Lower East Side The Dadong by a pedestrian save
2006 'Oriental Tokyo Juliet ~ ~' Juliet played by Ji played a wind-in-school, born with good design skills, grow up with the memory of the girl's hair Sui (Linyi Chen played) love, But identity has hampered their love
'HANAZAKARINO KIMITACHIHE ~ spent Yang Teen' to showcase the left-chuen, playing the in-school &'s high jump to the left-chuen, Ella Lu Ruixi Secret Love played the final with Ruixihusheng sentiment, it does not have open expression
2007 'THE X-FAMILY ~ ultimate messenger of a' showcase flame (guest) on August 8, 2007 in eight final episode broadcast sowing has been completed guest
'ROMANTIC PRINCESS ~ Princess' young girl played by Nam Fung-Jin (who plays with Zhang Shao Han) September 14, 2007 as the start of the broadcast on December 9 has been completed sowing
2008 Hot_Shot ~ 'fire' 2008 basketball guide Lau Wai-keung
2008 "martial arts Butterfly Lovers" When the shoot

Participating MV
SHE "how do" MV played a lot of girls being pursued by handsome guy, and eventually played with Ella girls become lovers
Tank's "exclusive angel" MV played an in-school, Ella played by the "boys" (Nvbannanzhuang) pursuit, she finally found the secret girls, and with a couple

2006 / Taiwan, "Guo Caizhi honey wave" beverages (the flywheel)
"Heme Man simple" care products (the flywheel)
Mainland "Kangshifu 3 +2 biscuits" (the flywheel)
2007 / Taiwan "7-11" image ambassador for (the flywheel)
"C. C. Lemon" carbonated drinks (the flywheel)
"Taishan Bingzhen tea for" beverages (the flywheel)
"Crush the oath Tanabata Valentine's Day Series" jewelry (the flywheel)
"Kobayashi glasses - NIKKEN stones Series" (Wu Zun)
"Wulin rumored on line game" (Wu Zun)
Mainland "Kangshifu 3 +2 biscuits" (the flywheel)
"Taishan Xiancao honey" beverages (the flywheel)
"Cardan Road" casual wear (the flywheel)
Mainland - Hong Kong, "Watson watsons water" beverages (the flywheel)
"HK迪士尼米奇rats leave the party," spokesman (the flywheel)
2008 / Taiwan "CC Lemon" carbonated drinks (the flywheel)
"Crush the oath Tanabata Valentine's Day Series" jewelry (the flywheel)
"Kobayashi glasses" (Wu Zun)
"Wulin rumor that" video games (Wu Zun)
"Guerlain" care products (Wu Zun)
"Osim uYoyo" sports massage chairs (Wu Zun)
Mainland "Taishan Xiancao honey" beverages (the flywheel)
"Cardan Road" casual wear (the flywheel)
"Mengniu acid yogurt" dairy products (the flywheel)

Related Abstracts

1. Wu Zun often taking the time to a gym, a fitness coach Wu Zun, under the guidance of Zhang Rui also home to a muscle training, but Yu has ordered the small brokers he slimming, not when he Jirou Nan.
2. "Oriental Juliet" in Linyi Chen mate with the performance of the actor Wu Zun, is 180 centimeters of the United States-men. Talking about this "Wang Lihong, Wu Yanzu integrated version," said the rookie Wu Zun, Wang Xinshi your producer said, three months before the cast is not appropriate for Kuxun actor headache of the accident in China Nawei show the movie and found seated in the front row, wearing a cap Wu Zun, because of his temperament and appearance and actor, "Ji-wind" is very similar, so he immediately selected for the "Oriental Juliet", The best actor. Tiaotai Liang Gang Chudao only to perform, Wu Zun admitted under pressure, but he is also well prepared to face the challenges, not only to take a day to read the script, also intends to begin shooting in the drama, to some performances and design courses, In order to show themselves in the best side to be felt. In <<In the Teen>>, he played to the left-chuen, is a Dulaiduwang people, good at high jump, but later abandoned, however, because Lu Ruixi and re-started a career high jump, final and Lu Ruixi together.
Flywheel Fahrenheit Fahrenheit temperature of the sea is the English translation, on behalf of four members is the meaning of people do not like the feeling (not the same temperature)
Calvin Chen is the representative of the WARM
Wang is the representative of the Lower East Side HOT
Wu Zun is the representative of the COOL
Arron Yan is the representative of the COLD

Entry experience
Wu Zun before to Singapore to do models, and later opened a local fitness by, and then a friend introduced him to Taiwan's economic model Erin companies to do the model, so he came to Taiwan, but no economic model and Erin companies signing. Once Wu Zun look at the film, was just metres producers can explore, shoot, "Tokyo Juliet", was on his debut啦, later joined combination of "Flywheel sea!"
Wu Zun fans language-in: Wu Zun advantages in addition to the appearance of the ultra-Shuai, with angel faces painted like the devil's body to walk out of people outside. There is really very good of his people, regardless of other people, the fans are very good, even fans of health care. He was cherished for his fans love, a Chinese like him very slow, but every time he is full of messages will be a major chapter, will the fans do not know Chinese to English translation of the message, really close. He was very strong, like her mother's left big blow to him, so he often tells us to cherish the people around. The artists really impressed us very much.
Wu Zun Zun the hearts of the fans advantages: like Shuai and is good, lovely, gentle, caring, serious, responsible, modest, sincere and trustworthy, the image of health, family, with deep feeling.


Wu Zun blog (blog called the Mainland) »±
Respect is to respect peace to the message here!
Wu Zun's Address (Yourself send the address below) ~ ~ «±
Sent to: rice production, addressed to: Wu Zun
110 Jiaxing Street, Taipei 311, 3 F Miss respect to

All data above are translated from Wu Zun Style Website (HQ)

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